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Day 1 = $89.93

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Day 4 = $191.75

Day 5 =$258.94

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Step: 1 Sign UP

Step 1:   New to ClickBank?  Sign Up, "Here".   Signing Up Is Free.  You must sign up before you can start this Copy & Paste Job.

Need Help:  Sometimes if you have moved or the system will not accept your address, you might use any address, then after signing up - change your address to your correct address.  

Simply log in and edit your address to your correct address.

 Instruction Video Above To Sign Up With Clickbank Now

You must sign up with Clickbank before going to the next step

Step: 2 Copy And Replace ID

Step 2:   Copy the below Affiliate Hop Link and Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank ID from step 1.   Clickbank will give you a ID, so be sure to use it.


Step: 3  Use URL Shortener

Step 3:  Now use a URL Shortener with your affiliate link from step 2.   Simply shorten your affiliate code with the URL Shortener.  

A long affiliate link might not fit into the required information area when you follow the directions of the Copy & Paste Job you are starting.  You can use this free service to get the URL Shortened, "here".

 Instruction Video Above to Use The URL Shortener

Follow The Instructions To Make Money Today!

This Job ~ $110 / Day  ~ follow the instructions

Product Offer

Your going to make money promoting a easy to sell product today.

You will make 70% commission from every sale you make of the Copy/Paste Profits product!  Yes,  you will make sales if you follow the directions...

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Step: 4  Post Free to Make $$$

Step 4: - Learn The Free Way to Make Money Posting In Facebook Groups

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The easiest way of promoting this Copy & Paste Job offer is Facebook Groups..... and it's free!

There are literally tons of Facebook groups for "making money", "passive income" and "internet marketing" etc. These groups allow anyone (YOU) to post and advertise products free. Some of these groups have between 3,000 to 30,000 members, so even if a small percentage clicks onto your link, you have the chance to make huge profits!  and it's free Here you will be posting the (Short URL link from step 3) affiliate link into these groups.

You must search for these groups on facebook.  I bet you already have a facebook account, so you can get started today.

Simply type in "money making", "passive income", "internet marketing" and "work from home", and you will get a long list of facebook groups to join. Find as many as possible and join. The more exposure, the better and the more likely you will make a sale!

To save you some time, I have picked 5 of the largest groups available but do remember to spend a bit of time to find as many as you can

Once you have joined, post your advert as shown below.


Step 5: 

Write your offer then paste your affiliate link (short URL from step 3) below.


To help you I've provided 3  headlines you can copy & paste to the facebook groups that work.


 Headlines To Use

1.  Click the link below to find out how I profit simply by copy & paste!

2.  Can you copy & paste? Because that's all you need to make money from this method! No website, product or investment needed! 

3.  If you want to make money, all you have to do is copy & paste! We'll take care of your website and product!

You can make 70% commission simply by copying & pasting ..... that's it! 

No website needed, no need to create a product and no investment! All you need to do is copy and paste! And It's free

You should experiment and write your own headlines.


Add an image by clicking "Add Photo/Video" as underlined in green, then upload an image.

We've provided a few images for you, click here to access and download.

Once you've uploaded, click Post.


I would suggest posting in 1-2 different groups each day to avoid over-posting in the same group. When you have posted in every group you can find. You can then repeat the cycle of posting in the same groups, but do remember to use a different headline and image.

Step 6: 

- Buying A List from Facebook To Make Money Quicker

An internet marketer's favorite way to get traffic is to simply buy a list of proven buyers' emails, called solo ads or ad swaps. You can usually find people on Facebook that have a list buyers' emails to sell, ranging from $0.01 to $1 per click. Simply search "solo ads" or "ad swaps" on Facebook and see what you like.

Here's a quick tip: whatever price they're selling, always try to negotiate, you can always bag a few good deals this way!

You can easily search for these solo ads and ad swap groups, but here are a few I've picked out for you.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown.